Visatron Oil Mist Detectors Remote Indication Spare Parts
The VISATRON® Oil Mist Detectors continuously draw atmosphere from the crankcase compartments through a wear-free suctionsystem. Special suction funnels and draining components ensure correct operation under all conditions.

The sample flow is guided through an optical channel where turbidity is measured by the absorption of infrared light.

The opacity required to trigger the alarm can be set at different levels.

VISATRON® Oil Mist Detection Systems:

• Short Response Time
• Operational Reliability
• High Sensitivity
• Free of Wear and Tear
• Low Maintenance Cost

The VISATRON® Systems are suitable for:

• Diesel, Gas or Dual Fuel Engines
• 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke.
Model Indication of Oil Mist Installation Layout

Anywhere in the engine


Engine Side Left / Right


Engine Compartment

VISATRON Oil Mist Detectors:

• VN115/87plus VN116/87plus VN215/87plus
• VN115/93 VN116/93 VN215/93

** As of October 2008 our line of VISATRON Model VN87EMC has been discontinued. As a replacement for the VN87EMC Series, Schaller Automation introduced in the market the VN87plus series. Both have the same mechanical and electrical characteristics, being fully compatible and interchangeable**