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  • Click here for Casualty Report - Crankcase Explosion British Valour
  • Click here for Article MAN - Crankcase Explosions in Two-stroke Diesel Engines
  • Click here for Project Sheet for OMD Retrofit
  • Click here for UI_SC228 SOLAS Regulation - Machinery shutoff arrangements - Oil mist detector arrangements
  • Click here for UR_M10 SOLAS Unified regulation M10 - Protection of internal combustion engines against crankcase explosions
  • Click here for UR_M35 SOLAS Unified regulation M35 - Alarms, remote indications and safeguards for main reciprocating I.C. engines installed in unattended machinery spaces
  • Click here for UR_M67 SOLAS Unified regulation M67 - Type Testing Procedure for Crankcase Oil Mist Detection and Alarm Equipment
  • Click here for UR_M IACS - Requirements concerning MACHINERY INSTALLATIONS
  • Click here for Visit Checklist
  • Click here for Spare Parts Catalogue